The sun rises over a jagged mountaintop, illuminating a valley in which a mighty battle was fought. As the light creeps over the ground the bodies become clear. However, even though the bodies look like they fell only a day ago the armour is of a design not seen in hundreds of years.

A snarling dog lunges at a tall woman with pointed ears, who is wearing white robes. It looks around in confusion as its jaws snap shut around a swirling vortex of air. The cyclone twirls several yards away and coalesces into the form of the woman, who is now smiling.

A musclebound warrior clad in furs and armour made from interlinked steel chain brings his two handed axe up before him. The two heavily armoured men in front of him glance between themselves, uncertainty in their gaze. Baring his bloody teeth in a wide grin the warrior advances.


Welcome to the world of Faerun. It is ancient, it is magical, and not a tenth of it's secrets will be discovered before your body has lain cold for years.

The Sins of the Past